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Guocera - Setting the trend with LIFE'S INSPIRATIONS 
13 - Dec - 2007
Guocera, Malaysia's leading ceramic tile manufacturer and industry pioneer, is geared to meet the challenges and growth of a new globalised era under the thematic banner "Life's Inspirations". With this renewed focus, Guocera aims to increase export volumes by continuously expanding its global reach. Guocera's success has been attributed to the innovative spirit of its people, unrelenting commitment to quality and its exceptional ability to evolve and stay ahead of lifestyle trends. Guocera Holdings Sdn Bhd managing director, Richard Ng said that the leadership team has identified "Life's Inspirations" as a powerful means of communicating what sets it apart in the industry and will pave the way for a new future, as it continues to evolve with the needs, wants and aspirations of modern lifestyles. "This philosophy is embraced throughout the organization and we believe in bringing the best in life to inspire trade and consumers, alike, ensuring there is a source and piece of inspiration for everyone. Today, 'Guocera' collection of tiles includes glazed wall tiles, glazed floor tiles and porcelain. In fact, Guocera tiles have become powerful means of expression of lifestyle, attitude and fashion. "We are poised to become international in the true sense of the word - a Malaysian brand champion ready to take on global players in the international arena and become the leading source of life's inspirations world over," Ng concluded.
Guocera Introduces SENSES - Tiles That Inspire Lifestyles
21 - Nov - 2007

Guocera, a leading ceramic tile manufacturer, has introduced its latest product design which is expected to fuel the imagination and excite the senses into designing and creating new 'lifestyle' trends.

The latest Senses collection draws inspiration from the very same source that moves artists, poets and philosophers, from the vivid colours of a flower to the pitter-patter of raindrops, and even the warmth of a loved one's embrace.

Guocera's talented team of lifestyle experts (researchers, trendspotters and designers) focused their energies on pulling together all the little details that define life's experiences. Guocera Holdings Sdn Bhd Managing Director Richard Ng said Senses was designed as a mood setter and a lifestyle inspiration that breathes life into any space.

"We want our customers to awaken and enrich their senses with four distinctive and luxurious styles. Now, everyone can experience a lifestyle that's truly affordable. Whether they are individuals looking to redefine their living spaces, designers or architects, we want all to be inspired to play Michelangelo with tiles that are reminiscent of great Italian design.

"Senses seeks to motivate one to express their creativity in exceptional ways, anywhere and everywhere. The only limit is one's imagination" Ng said.

Senses collection comes in four series:
1.Wild is the flamboyant series that celebrates the vibrancy of life. Bold and daring colours come alive in glorious blooms, accented by dynamic textures that are inspired by lush floral beauty.
2.Serene embraces charm and harmony, inviting you to surround yourself in a private haven and strike the perfect balance with subtle texture in matte to create a close-to-effects of rich wallpaper texture.
3.Rain is a world of smart contrasts, just as the rain interacts with nature and takes different forms. From linear lines as the rain falls to abstract geometric shapes as it hits the ground. Smart sophistication at its best.
4.Intimate is inspired by lingerie. Starting with the perfect romance, it weaves rich textures and finishes of lace to create a sensuous and romantic experience.

Senses wall tiles come in 25cm x 45cm slim rectangular and are versatile in its laying patterns either horizontal or vertical or a mixture of both.

Senses floor tiles come in modular size of 25cm x 25cm and is designed to align with the wall perfectly. For bigger floor areas, Senses co-ordinates well with our ever-popular 45cm x 45cm glazed porcelain tiles from the Philosophy series and Soho series.

"The wonderful part about Senses is that its beautiful and unique colours can be applied as art pieces in the bedroom or feature walls in the living room which is an individualistic design and masterpiece in its own right. The tiles are not just tiles but more of a wall covering with borders and panels that allow you to create endless fashion in your home or even in indoor commercial areas," Ng said.

Guocera, founded in the 70s, is deeply rooted in the tradition of quality excellence. From its humble origins with a production capacity of less than 1 million, it has evolved into Malaysia's largest ceramic manufacturer with a production capacity of 29.5 million sqm per annum.

Today, Guocera offers a full range of ceramic tiles ranging from glazed wall tiles, glazed floor tiles, mosaic tiles, vitrified homogeneous tiles, porcelain tiles and quarry tiles. Guocera's philosophy is to market sophisticated products and options in a simpler, more effective and meaningful way that would appeal to diverse target segments.

This has been demonstrated through the success of Guocera's wall and floor packages (where the wall and floor combinations are already chosen for a matching perfect setting) and other exciting combinations (which uses our decorative listellos and inserts). Guocera tiles are easily translated by customers for easy decision making.

"Guided by a visionary leadership team, we are determined to uphold our tradition of quality, while keeping our mandate as a forward looking, strategy-driven and consumer-focused company," Ng added.
Employee's Corner - Guocera Brand Labs 
24 - Oct - 2007
Fifty Guocera's employees were introduced to a 2 day innovation brand culture training workshops on 24th October and 25th October 2007 conducted by IDEA FACTORY from Singapore. The aim of the brand labs is to define actionable parameters for brand culture, share insights with each departments and to provide an opportunity to discover each employee's potential. This is in line with GUOCERA'S envisioned future base on GUOCERA'S new inspirational tagline : "LIFE'S INSPIRATIONS".

"Brand champions with the right attitude will be identified in these brand workshops to spearhead initiatives to deliver "LIFE's INSPIRATIONS" which is Guocera's brand promise." said Mr. Richard Ng, Managing Director Guocera Holdings Sdn Bhd.

A basic shining example on the correct pronunciation of GUO-CE-RA was also one of the input at the workshop. These brand lab's objective is to build a customer-centric organization by establishing organizational focus at department level and also establish a rigorous framework for effective customer relationship management.

Some general selection criteria:
  • Right attitude to be a shining example of Passion for Life (our epitome)
  • Ability to generate innovative ideas, so that we can get rich input at the workshop - the Brand Think Tank
  • Have the respect of their peers and well liked by the other departments

Brand Champions
Endless Commitment For Performance

Marketing projects emphasize that workshops will need to: All in all, Improve communication chains to maximize productivity.

To build a customer-centric organization by establishing organisational focus at department level and ensure alignment with the brand philosophy.

Will be able to establish a rigorous framework for effective customer relationship management.
DIA concludes: Brand laps -To give benefits with change & revitalization
The 5th Asia PACIFIC International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2006
30 - July - 2007
Guocera Holdings Sdn Bhd makes a glorious mark at the "The 5th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2006 "at the Palace of the The Golden Horses, KL when it successfully commends its "Leadership Excellence", "Brand Excellence" and "Service Quality Excellence". The three awards were bestowed in recognition of the achievements of successful entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific region for their hard work ,determination and entrepreneurial excellence.

Recognized by The Ministry of Entrepreneur & Co-operative Development Malaysia and The Ministry of International Trade & Industry Malaysia, this international business event was organised by the Entrepreneur Development Association ( Malaysia) with co- organisers Penglai Municipal Government of Shandong China, Yantai Investment Development Board of Shandong, Global Business Magazine and Star Publication Group.

"We are very delighted to receive this award. This is recognition of our continuous commitment towards leadership, brand and excellent service in the market place." said Mr Richard Ng, Managing Director Guocera Holdings Sdn Bhd.

"We will keep this entrepreneurial spirit and will keep this momentum going in pursuit of the demanding business environment and to achieve Malaysia competitiveness in the world market." he added.
Technical Training For International Customers 
24 - April - 2007
In conjunction with the visit by Alshaya Trading Co,Dubai UAE (Distributor of Guocera Tiles in Dubai) on 27th April 2007, a 1 day technical training session entitled" The Classification & Technical Characteristics of Ceramic Tiles" was conducted in Ceramic Research Company (CRC),Jalan Kapar, Klang.

"Providing training to our domestic and international clients is an added-value service Guocera has recently embarked on to all our customers." said Mr. Richard Ng, Managing Guocera Holdings Sdn Bhd.

"Improving the technical competencies in terms of trade skills and capabilities in the ceramic tiles industry is required to sharpen and built confidence." he added. Mr. Loo Sheau Ming, the Technical Manager of Ceramic Research Company presented topics on production process of ceramic and porcelain tiles, standards & technical specification of ceramic tiles, types of ceramic tiles as well as identification of causes in common tiling problems. Certificate of attendance were given to participants at the end of the training session.

Export market participants thrilled upon receiving certificate of attendance.