Back What's Happening Guocera Mentor- Mentee Program 2016


In today’s complex business environment, mentoring may be more important than ever, particularly when that relationship occurs between members of the same organization. “Mentoring is the most efficient way to train new people, to socialize them to the job.” Guocera is embarking on this Mentor-Mentee Program to build and produce talented and also self driven individuals. Our focus is on developing young graduates to step in the working life while having a talented mentor to assist them. A mentor is someone with enough expertise to help develop the career of a mentee. They are also a role model and a support system for mentee. The mentee will be provided with explicit and implicit lessons related to professional development as well as general work–life balance.

We look forward to welcome you to grow with Us. Guocera will provide a good platform to build yourself and your career. Start your career with Guocera and let the mentor be the guide of your journey.